About Measure TR

The City of Lynwood is asking Lynwood voters to establish a tax on cannabis businesses and retailers operating in the City. The ballot letter designation for the measure is TR and is entitled the Lynwood Cannabis Retailer Business License Tax Measure.

Several projects and services have been negatively impacted by inflation, creating projected deficits over $6 million for fiscal year 2022-23. If approved by a majority of voters, Measure TR would establish a tax rate for retail cannabis stores. Tax revenues would be used to enhance general City programs like senior citizen activities, city beautification efforts, enforcement of illegal cannabis operations, public safety, housing programs, park improvements, street repairs and homeless reduction efforts. The tax would be 5% of sales of cannabis. It is estimated that Measure TR will generate $3 – $6 million annually and the funds would remain local to serve the community.

Residents of Lynwood are urged to learn more about Measure TR by visiting our frequently asked questions and other pages on this site to learn more about the role of cannabis taxes in the City of Lynwood. Residents with additional questions are encouraged to contact the City at MeasureTR@lynwood.ca.us.